Woodblock printed with textile pigment. Each shirt is slightly different, as the woodblock prints slightly differently each time.
In March of 2020 just after the Global Pandemic of COVID19 was declared, I was poking around alone in the studio. The phrase “Weird Times” popped into my head and I decided to make a little wood block. I was printing it on some paper and posted it, along with the “I am Barbara Walters and this is TWENTY TWENTY” in my front window, as a nod to the neighbourhood and my decorating our now very shared streetscape.
Someone asked me if I could print a tshirt if thT for them, and I had a few shirts kicking around the studio and lots of textile printing pigment so I said yeah!
I’ve got a few different styles of shirts available. Usually around $20.00 CDN for a standard t-shirt, but if you want something special, we can work together. Email me liz@lizpead.com for sizes and colour availability :)
I was soon inundated with requests for these Weird Times shirts, so I had to call in a few reinforcements and teach them a few basics of woodblock printing on fabric.
Got a little help in the studio...

They are total sports. And they now know a few secrets on how to print and make their own tshirts. Which will come in handy for Declan sooner than later, as he just started a podcast on Spotify Juno Beach

Help from both my lads!
And finally, here’s a rare picture of me, taken by Hamish actually printing with my little woodblock.
Each “Weird Times” woodblock is printed by hand and registered by eye.

If you’re interested in a Weird Times shirt, drop me an email liz@lizpead.com. They are $40.00 including tax and whatever delivery you might need around the GTA.

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