The Right Size

Every time I turn around I discover a new style, size or cut of t-shirt! I'm super picky about how a shirt fits, and hopefully that pickiness can help you find you new fave tee.

During the Weird Times, I have figured out how to help you find the right fit, based on the cut and your chest measurement. I've come up with a few descriptions of fit and a chart to help you find your perfect fit.

When in doubt, don't hesitate to send me an email and I'll do my best to get you sorted.

For reference I am about 5'8" tall and a 39" chest, and I'm wearing and RFT XXL which is a 39" - 40" Chest.

Standard Fit

The Standard Fit, Gildan or other brands, heavier cotton.  These shirts tend to have wider arms, no side seams for a straighter line.

Retail Fit

A bit narrower in the body, with a more fitted sleeve. Many of these shirts have medium to lighter weight cottons and sport blends.  The neckline is a bit lower for a crew neck, and the ribbing on the neckline is thinner.

RFT* (really fitted tee)

RFT* is a really fitted tee has a good stretch, decent cut at the waist and tend to be lighterwieght cottons and sport blends. If you are a human with boobs; these are comfy shirts that are fitted to keep that stuff all together.  They are cut ridiculously small, so I go up a size or two to accommodate. Or was that just all the Storm Chips I've been eating? ;)

T shirt fitting tips

- when in doubt of you know the brand of an existing shirt which is your fave, I might be able to find the right one! I didn't know until this past year there was such a variety of shirt sizes and fits, but I am so glad there is, because diversity is the BEST.

- measure your fave t-shirt  - lay it flat and measure it armpit seam to armpit seam. Double that number is your chest size.

- don't be shy to email me  with questions. Trying to fit something we would just try on in a store in the before times is difficult! But I've gotten pretty good at it virtually over the last year. 

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