Indigo Dye Workshops

$25.00 CAD

WOAD WEDNESDAYS! Indigo dye is traditionally sourced from Woad Plants. Be inspired by the Jewel-like waters of the Fenelon River and Cameron Lake and take a little twist with Liz in the Indigo vat.  We will try a few different techniques of Shibori and other Resist dyeing techniques using a Traditional Indigo Dye vat.  

I will have some fabric pieces and limited quantity of Tshirts available. Participants are invited to bring their old, tired and gently stained textiles to have a new bit of life put into them.  100% Cotton, Linen and Hemp work best! Process is a little messy, but worth it. :) I will have aprons and gloves.

Workshops are 1pm - 2pm each Wednesday in the Summer, with registration closing 24 hours before. Longer workshops can be arranged, and we can accommodate larger groups with advanced notice of 7 days. 

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