Liz Pead Studio Blankets - Limited Commissions Available

$300.00 CAD

I'm offering a limited number of commissioned blankets that I will weave for delivery January to March 2021. I will make up some kind of gift card, with a little sample of wool for you to give the recipient. Wool prices will be increasing in the new year, so I too will have to raise my prices. 

Tartans are accepted, but due to their complexity and specific colours, my best guess currently is June 2021 for anything I accept.

Hand-woven with Briggs and Little 2 ply wool, you had better get one you like, because you will have it for awhile.  I still have the first one I wove in 1993! It has seen some sun, picnics, mud, dogs, kids and just about anything else you can imagine.  Sure, it has faded the tiniest bit (haven't we all...) but it still is solidly in use.  

And yes, I do take specific colour commissions/requests depending on my production schedule and colour availability from the woollen mill..

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